A New Road Ahead

There are only two kinds of folk, in the way they live, and the difference that they make: the ones that give, and the ones that take.

I’ve closed down after six, highly rewarding blog years, guiding 1,000+ members along on the journey to 1,500 kroner. For many of us, it’s been 15 years during which Big Pharma has stretched drug prices to the limit and healthcare systems are showing more & more cracks. The clinical trial machinerie and the corresponding regulatory system have largely outrun their capacity. It’s become a toxic industry and risk-reward profiles have changed to the point that my responsibility ends here. I’m gonna miss the action — and wish you all well.

We categorically overestimate what we think we know, we grossly underestimate what we don’t know and have an ingrained tendency to trust a plausible narrative …

——————————— time to retire: